About Fish and Chips

First, a little history. Fried fish and chips - Despite their glorious synergy, they were 'invented' separately. Fried potato in the form we now refer to as 'chips' is thought to have originated from Belgium. 

There is a slight dispute over actually put them together. Both Joseph Malin from London and John Lees from Mossley have claimed to have been the first to serve fish and chips in the manner that we all now know and love; and to this day, lovers of fish and chips would happily tuck into the meal/dish/delicacy without any regard for which of the two men came up with the brilliant idea. Now, moving along.. Here's some random fish and chips trivia for your entertainment. 

  1. In the early 20th century, a portion of fish and chips with mushy peas (which was, by the way, the way Michael Jackson liked it) at 6d added vital protein and vitamins to the usual diet of bread, dripping, tea and condensed milk. Watch out, roti canai and teh tarik, we're on to you! 
  2. Some say that 'Fish and Chips' won the First World War as it help to provide necessary and affordable nutrition to the munitions workers while the Germans were being partially defeated by hunger. 
  3. The first sit-down fish and chips restaurant was opened by Sam Issacs in 1896 in Whitechapel, London, which gave the working class society a chance to experience affordable 'posh' dining, at the expense of losing popularity amongst the rich who considered the dish to be unhealthy. They didn't know any better, of course, as Science has now proven that fish and chips is actually healthy!
  4. In the UK there are about 10,500 fish and chip restaurants, 9,000 Indian restaurants and only 1,200 McDonald's restaurants! Perhaps you can say that fish and chips and Indian restaurants are to Britain as Nasi Lemak and Mamak shops are to Malaysia. 
  5. Restaurants in UK have reported that arguments between couples mostly spark from pinching a partner's chips. 
  6. While Malaysians have 'Nasi Minyak' and 'Nasi Beriyani', British actress Kate Winslet and footballers Wayne Rooney and John Terry served fish and chips at their weddings. The dish was one of legendary Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney's favourite food before he became a vegetarian. 
  7. A survey has shown that the scent of fish and chips beats bacon as UK's favourite smell. Here in Malaysia, we're sceptical that anything can top durian. 
  8. Scawbsy Fisheries hold the record for the world/s largest fish and chips portion, with a 15kg fried cod and 29kg of chips. Now we know that's a lot of chips for one person. Still, refer to point 6. 
  9. It is somewhat of a tradition to christen fish and chips with corny names such as A Salt and Battery, The Cod Father, Oh My Cod, and The Frying Scotsman. Here's our attempt at making you cringe.."Cod of War". Get it? World War reference? Play Station players maybe? No? Okay...
  10. Fish and chips is also a contributor of eco-friendly energy, with its waste fat fuelling buses in many UK towns. We could definitely use some of that in Malaysia. 
  11. Fish and chips have only 1/3 of the fat container in a Whopper and Big Mac meal. Step aside, BK and Ronald!
  12. In the UK, fish and chips is considered to be one of the healthier takeaway options. 
  13. One serving of fish and chips typically covers a third of the recommended daily vitamin C intake. Have you met your quota? Let us help you with that. 
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